Achilles International Club Chapter Perú

About Us?
We are a civil association nonprofit that provides sports and comprehensive and free help athletes with different kinds of disabilities, from different provinces of our country in space to the extreme poor, regardless of age, race and religion, providing training in sports either their congenital disability and / or accidental treatment during their stay, food, clothing, grooming, physical, emotional security and quality of life.

We provide support, opportunity and hope to people with different types of disabilities so they can get an active lifestyle through sports.

Our Mission
Achilles International Club Chapter Peru. It is to provide, promote and develop sports including athletics succeeding in giving opportunities for participation by delegations in sports championships at national and / or international in all categories.                      To promote the sport in all its forms as a way to develop and strengthen skills, people with different types of physical disabilities and other so they can follow an active lifestyle through fitness and competitive athletics. Achilles International Club Chapter Peru believes that the participation of athletes with disabilities in sport will exceed your level and increase self-esteem, leading it to independence and thereby improve their quality of life.

It is the vision of Achilles International Club Chapter Peru:
Being a sports club leader in the field of people with all types of disabilities and be recognized as a movement with responsibility and social inclusion accepting and respecting the life and health of people regardless of their status, social, racial, political creed , uniting religious and sexual equality conventional athletes.

Training and coaching athletes with disabilities to achieve their participation in various sports, locally, nationally and internationally.

Community outreach and other physical disabilities providing                              Sports inspiration and a better quality of life.

Promote and establish health promotion, rehabilitation, employment, education, social inclusion and provide all kinds of opportunities for people with disabilities in the country, to achieve their development and social, economic, cultural and sports including athletics integration.

Our History
Achilles International founded in 1983 in the city of New York (USA) by Dr. Dr. Dick Traum is the founder of the club Achilles track for athletes with disabilities. In 1976 the New York City Marathon, becoming the first rider to complete an event of this type with a prosthetic leg was completed. In the 1980s he became the first amputee to complete a 100km ultra event in Poland.                       Since June 2007 Achilles International creates its Chapter in Peru since then was begun in the most important mission to secure a space for people with different types of disabilities achieve fulfill the dream of running in the marathon in New York. Demonstrating his own freedom to enjoy this largest and most famous event in the world, like all other conventional athletes.
Headquartered in New York City, and regional chapters and more than 100 countries Achilles International, offers unprecedented opportunities for sports, hope, education and inspiration for people with all types of disabilities achieve demonstrating their quality live sporting life.

Want to join us?
People join Achilles for many reasons and with many goals: improve physical strength; to build confidence; or to help someone achieve their dream; and all our members and volunteers work hard to achieve them.                       But something else happens Achilles expect few, but everyone appreciates. It is the sense of friendship, encouragement, and community that people find us. We have always believed that with the support, nurturing and training people with disabilities to participate and succeed in the major sports.                       Today, with members in over 70 countries, we are still a community organization. In training and racing together athletes with and without disabilities learn to support each other and focus on what unites rather than what could keep them apart.

ATHLETE NEW MEMBERS: If you are physically challenged and want to participate in conventional sports, visit the full-page application form by placing the subject: ACHILLES MEMBER.

VOLUNTEERS NEW MEMBERS: Inspired to run? Want to help athletes through Achilles guiding or have other talents to provide? Visit the page and complete the form by placing the subject: VOLUNTEER.

Those who integrate?

Dick Traum. President Founder
Miguel Ángel Rodríguez. President.

Achilles International Club Chapter Peru, Non-profit association registered in the Public Registry with electronic game Nro.13271211. RUC. Nro. 20563681081,